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Ashley Nielsen – Deep Cove Realtor

Ashley Nielsen – Deep Cove Realtor

Ashley nielsen deep cove realtor

Ashley Nielsen – Deep Cove Realtor


Ashley recognizes the complexities involved in the real estate market. Her approach is to take you to a new level of real estate by offering you a customized service to fulfil your individual needs and to build long-term relationships which will evolve into many friendships.

The Vancouver real estate market is changing, and so must Vancouver real estate agents. Prior to joining Century 21, Ashley worked in the Communications industry. Ashley graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Simon Fraser University where she studied Communications, Marketing, and Advertising.

If you are looking for a well educated, professional who strives to think outside of the box and approaches real estate with a creative eye and a fresh perspective then look no further.

With a forward-thinking approach to a modern real estate, Ashley focuses marketing your home online. Through large networks of influence and years of experience in Online and Social Media Marketing, her goal is to make your home a ‘product’ available on the global market.

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