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Deep Cove or Dollarton ?

Deep Cove or Dollarton ?

What is the difference between Deep Cove and Dollarton? This is a question I get asked all the time. Geography wise, not much, if you weren’t from the area you wouldn’t even know where one started and the other ended. Divided by the Parkway… your choice of which side to buy on could mean a world of difference in the years to come. The gap between the two neighborhoods is growing, and Dollarton is out pacing Deep Cove. WHY? It has to do with the large/new homes being built and sold on Roslyn/Beachview/Lowry. See all our tax assessments are based on our neighbors! All of the Dollarton area gets to reap the benefits of the Sales on the major streets. Why aren’t we seeing this in Deep Cove as well? There hasn’t been the same number of large/new homes built in Deep Cove. WHY? In Deep Cove, the main water streets are Panorama (Super busy, lack of parking/privacy) Eastridge (Stays in the dark most the day) Naomi/ Strathcona (can be very steep lots). For this reason, most builders gravitate to Dollarton for the large, flat, and private lots. Yes, our houses are our Homes, and for many, they are also our retirement savings. There are lots of factors that need to be considered when buying, work with an expert who knows the areas inside and out. A lot of agents can tell you how pretty a house is or give a great sales pitch, but can they teach you how to make a great investment?

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