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Our New Approach – Yes We Want To Change The Way Real Estate Is Done In Vancouver

In my mind life is all about collaborating and creating not about competing. Over the years I have had an endless number of Realtors reach other to me on my social media asking, How I Do What I do? And because I believe that creativity can never be used up, and the more we share, the more we grow, I have decided to start sharing what I know about real estate. And I mean really share, I am going to share everything I know.

Last year when I took time off, I spent the majority of my time thinking of ways to do this whole real estate thing differently. There are SOOO many things that I dislike about the real estate industry as a whole – and because I am addicted to personal growth, I constantly find myself day dreaming of ways to do it differently. Ways to change the game.

I absolutely hate the competing, and the self-promotion gets old and annoying even to us agents! I saw how it pissed people off and made them resentful of agents. When I started real estate, I mirrored and mimicked those around me that were doing well; I ended up doing what everyone else was doing. Because, hey this is the standard! This is how it’s been done, so that how people do it. However it never really felt right.. the endless self-promotion, eventually put a target on my back and left me feeling less than great. I realized how much of the negativity/ hate was started and driven by the way we advertise. Most if not all real estate advertising is aimed at promoting the agent .. we ask people to use us, make us money, give us business before really adding any value to them! This was the way I ran my business for almost six years! If I had a 10$ for every picture of myself floating out there from advertising, I’d be kicking it with Warren Buffet 😛 LOL

I knew there had to be a better way I just didn’t know how…

With my year off I started my health blog, and I began to teach others what I was learning about health. I couldn’t believe the response I got, the amount of engagement and connections I made was mind blowing. I had people sending me products, and begging me to visit, I even got sponsored by several brands and was invited to speak at a non-toxic beauty expo! So what was my secret? I was anonymous! For the first year I never shared who I was or where I lived, I hide it from everyone I knew as long as possible so that I could be completely authentic on there without feeling judged. My blog revolved around sharing! All I did was add value! Every day and every post were about sharing to add value to other people to hopefully help improve their lives. There was nothing in it for me, or so I thought! By putting other people first, and adding value to them, opportunities started coming my way. The difference was I had earned them, I never asked for any of them!

And with that life lesson, I decided to start my real estate again – This is how the idea of The Arm Group started.

If you have noticed, there are no longer photos of myself or the agents in our group on any of our advertising. From now on, our For Sale and Open House signs do not even have the listings agents name on them, only the group name, and company logo.
You will not see any more self-promotion of us. This is why our posts and advertisements are all education based now. Our only mission now is to add value. Wheater that be adding value to buyers/sellers, the public, or even other Realtors! WOAH? Other Realtors? Yes, that’s right, we really want to change the game. We want to remove the competitiveness from real estate and try to create an environment where we all truly WORK TOGETHER. If this means teaching my secrets to other agents, and the buyers and sellers are going to benefit, that the public is going to get better service altogether? Then how can I not!

“Use your smile to change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.”

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